Vendela Wetterström
Vendela Wetterström
Vendela Wetterström
Vendela Wetterström
Wow Can I be U?skånes konstföreningThe River – CoverEyes_Cover
brandVästerås Offentliga Rum – FolderCatalouge – Guerrilla GirlsUX Icons GIFScreen Print Malmö Txt 18, PosterIllustration – AstraSkogenXerox_ThumbMood Image 3
Graphic designer with a multi-disciplinary practice.
Recently graduated with an MFA in Visual Communication from Konstfack.
I work with print and web, for commision and with self-initiated projects.
Based in Stockholm.

You find my CV here.

Contact me at:
vendela.wetterstrom [at] gmail [dot] com
+46 (0)73 630 84 39


2019 – 2021
MFA, Visual Communication

2015 – 2018
BA, Graphic Design & Illustration

Graphic Design
Gerrit Rietveld Academie


August Ringnérs Stipendiefond

Estrid Ericssons Stiftelse

Fredrika Bremer Förbundets Stipendiestiftelse

Konstfack Artist-in-Residence
Printmaking Scholarship

2017 –
Freelancing designer

2018 –
Tidningen Brand
Member of the editorial collective

Internship at Design Lab S


Svenska Tecknare


December 2021
Mixed Messages
Healthy Competition

May 2021
Degree Exhibition
Konstfack, Stockholm

May 2018
Degree Exhibition
Konstfack, Stockholm

October 2017
Damage Control
Artis Zoo, Amsterdam

June 2015
Galleri CC, Malmö

Social Material (2021)
Lettering / Installation
Your Aura is so Strong
I Actually Can't DealWow Can I be U?
Make my Skin Crawl
Makes my Skin Crawl, close-up
Follom me Please
This is what Eve must have looked likeSooo Very Dreamy, Close-up
A project contemplating the language and visual appearance of social media. How does its immaterial architecture with sanserif fonts and emojis, (etc), affect our perception of our selves and others? The texts derive from comments on selfies, have assumed new forms and finally been materialized outside the screen.

Visual transcription: YOUR AURA IS SO STRONG – I actually can't deal – WOW CAN I BE YOU? – MAKES MY SKIN CRAWL – follow me please – THIS IS WHAT EVE MUST HAVE LOOKED LIKE – Sooo very dreamy
Mood Images
Collage series
Mood Image 1Mood Image 3
Mood Image 2
Mood Image 4
Dina ögon ur mina ögon (2020)
Booklet about looking and being looked at. Risograph printed.
Mina ögon ur dina ögon
Mina ögon ur dina ögonMina ögon ur dina ögon
Mina ögon ur dina ögonMina ögon ur dina ögon
Mina ögon ur dina ögonMina ögon ur dina ögon
Xerox Machine (2017)
Printed with a contemporary Xerox machine
Xerox Machine
Icons for a web application interface (2020 – 2021)
Poster (2019)
MalmöTxt 18
Malmö Txt 18, Poster
Film for social media / animation (2020)
Introduction film to Bella Runes Portal – an art work by Bella Rune, exhibited at Västerås Konstmuseum
Book design (2020)Ädno / Älven / The RiverIdea, text and photography by Mia Rogersdotter Gran
The River_Cover
Ädno / Älven / The River
The River_close up
If you lose something... (2020)
Screen print
Quote by Little Edie from the documentary Grey Gardens
Screen Print
Folder (2019)
Västerås offentliga rum, Västerås Konsthall
Västerås Offentliga Rum – Folder
Västerås Offentliga Rum – Folder
Illustration for Astra 2/2019
Illustration, tidningen Astra
Exhibition catalogue (2019)
Guerrilla Girls – feminism, fakta och fuskpälsVästerås Konstmuseum
Catalouge – Guerrilla Girls
Catalogue – Guerrilla Girls
Drawings (2019 –)
Forest Edge, Save, Ladies, Bird, Nudes, Vacation, The Night
Web Design (2021)
Skåne Konstförening
skånes konstförening
skånes konstförening
skånes konstförening
Tidningen Brand
Since 2018 I’m a part of Brands’ editorial design collective.
Together we work with art direction, layout, illustration, etc.